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Adults Music Lessons

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We offer private lessons to all adults ( any level), and have a talented team of teachers who can teach in person or on zoom.

Most popular lessons are in Piano and guitar, but you can choose your instrument, and will be sure to fill your need!

With our customizable adult music lessons, we ensure to improve your musical skills and upgrade your knowledge about different musical instruments effectively. Our music lessons for adults cover an extensive range of instrument learning, including flute, guitar, piano, violin, clarinet, saxophone, and even singing. All our music teachers are highly trained and qualified to provide high-quality music lessons for adults. 

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Anselmo Music Education Benefits?

At Anselmo Academy, you get to unlock high-quality learning experiences at affordable and reasonable prices. With our customizable adult music lessons, you don’t have to worry about leaving your comfort zone or compromising on other important stuff. We offer the best music learning experience across the nation so that you can find solutions to all your adult music lessons near me concerns.


How does the adult program teach beginners?

Our music classes for adults focus on teaching the basics to both beginners and intermediate students so that you don’t miss out on anything and get a better grasp of your musical instrument.

How much does the adult music lesson cost?

Several factors are considered while deciding on the cost of music classes for adults. Depending on your type of music instrumental lessons, singing lessons, and virtual or offline lessons your overall cost will be calculated. Connect with us at (212) 665-905 to determine an accurate cost for different types of adult music lessons.

Do you offer online music lessons for adults?

Yes, we offer both offline and virtual music classes for adults. Our online adult music lessons are as effective and beneficial as offline teaching. We offer comprehensive learning both through our online and offline teachings.

Are you offering in-person adult music classes and lessons?

Yes, we offer customizable in-person learning to all our students. You can opt for in-person or online music lessons for adults as per your convenience and comfort levels. Get in touch with us today to learn more about adult music lessons.

What do I need to do to participate in an adult music class?

The process for enrolling for our adult music lessons is easy. You can REGISTER for a Trial on the website and fill in the necessary details or contact us today to book your appointment.

“My daughter took an acting class with Ms Ruthie* and loved it! The class was creative, engaging, and fun. I’d highly recommend it to every parent since it gets kids (even introverts) to share, express themselves, meet new people, and have a great time.”

“My daughter was excited to see musical theatre offered for Beyond the Bell. She loved the warm up and improv games that led into song work.  It was a great introduction to the sense community created by theatre. She can’t wait to join again in the spring!” 

– Parents


Acting lesson or Musical theater lesson is a lot more than just Fun! Gain confidence, learn public speaking skills, learn how to enter into another character, engage with audience, ability to memorize lines, and/or learn your favorite Disney Songs!
Private lessons are scheduled at a student’s home

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One major thing that youth acting classes can provide is diversity. The kids are going to be from all around New York and the surrounding boroughs and are going to have all types of backgrounds. This will help children be more compassionate and accepting of others, and give them the opportunity to form deep and lasting bonds with the people in those classes. The kids all have a love of acting in common, which can form a foundation for a friendship that extends beyond the classes.
Group classes are scheduled at local schools or at students’ home.

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Is an opportunity for a private student to meet their acting or musical theater coach, understand the proposed curriculum and future lesson plans, and begin their journey!

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