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Bertil Pyndt Jonsén


Bertil Pyndt Jonsén comes from a family of music educators and performing musicians. He began drum lessons at the age of five. He continued studying at the Ringsted Musik og Kultureskole in his birth town of Ringsted, Denmark into high school where he also studied music. He spent his teenage years touring Denmark in the summers with his family band, Pyndt-Baggesen Familie Band. At the age of 16 he began to play piano after inheriting his grandfather’s baby-grand. Keith Jarrett’s playing was one of his first major inspirations to rigorously study piano. He studied at Musikalsk Grundkursus Køge (MGK) in Køge, Denmark and two years of conservatory at one of the top jazz schools in Europe at Skurupsfolkhögskola in Skurup, Sweden and one year at Syddansk Musikkonservatorium (SDMK) in Esbjerg, Denmark. As both a freelance drummer and keyboardist for over a decade, Bertil has had the opportunity to work with some of the best musicians in Denmark such as Ole Kock Hansen, the late Hugo Rasmussen, Eliel Lazo, Niclas Campagnol, Mathias Heise as well American artists Gilad Hekselman, Denoun Porter, drummer Lil’ John Roberts, Teddy Riley, Dennis Jenkins, Donald Lawrence, and Tasha Page-Lockhart. Bertil has been living in Brooklyn with his wonderful wife for six years and is currently working on a solo piano album.