Empowering Students Through the Joy of Music and the Arts



Carson Wong is a 28-year-old Chinese-American who grew up in Hong Kong, attended college inCalifornia, and now lives in New York. Classically trained in piano from ages 5 to 17, he ended up focusing on a career in medicine instead of continuing on for more professional training. By graduating with dual degrees in biology and psychology at UC San Diego, he believes he greatly benefited from this holistic and interdisciplinary approach. During his years of inpatient psychiatric unit volunteering and clinical psychology research, he witnessed firsthand the curative properties of music. In a particular example, he experienced how even patients with severe dementia could successfully engage with live piano music, either via active listening or actually playing notes themselves. Along the way, Carson received a Distinction in his Associate of the Trinity College London (ATCL) piano diploma – he expects to receive his next diploma (LTCL) by March 2023. In addition, he has been an active student of both Peter Dugan and Assaff Weisman as a Juilliard Evening Division student since 2019. Lastly, he was section leader for clarinet in middle and high school, and began playing the viola as an adult student. By picking up multiple instruments, he hopes to better understand the unique beauty of each instrument, while re-experiencing the ups and downs of being a beginner music student.

In his spare time, Carson enjoys playing volleyball and badminton, or any other sport replacing the need for gym cardio workouts. He also enjoys hosting occasional soapmaking workshops for friends. Carson is excited to share his renewed passion for music in a manner that most benefits each individual student.