Empowering Students Through the Joy of Music and the Arts

Class for people with special need

Students who experience learning obstacles can learn the joy of music or play a musical instrument with our specialized focus on: sound, tone, reasoning ability, reading music scores, motor skills and personal growth. Students, may also register for our theater program customized for special needs.

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“AWESOME! I am so excited that your program is now at my son’s school. Again, thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity…spoke with you about my son with special needs … oh my, he is going to jump for joy!”

– Rex’s Mom


Our teacher will adapt their teaching style to serve the student with special needs in a one-on-one setting by supplementing visuals ( flash cards), teach through student’s favorite songs, and emphasize rhythm.

Music  education can help a student to develop positive attitudes toward their disabilities and provide opportunities for personal growth. Singing and speech have many commonalities. The use of vocal exercises used in singing can enhance oral motor skills such as articulation, breath control, and vocal intensity.

Private lessons are scheduled at a student’s home .

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Group classes can be arranged for any age, and even mixed age groups to involve students in Music & Movement, Sing Along, and creative self-expression. It is a great opportunity to practice speech, communication skills, and socialize.

Rhythm Instruments activities which includes clapping, marching, and walking to music, promote muscle and motor coordination and assists in the development of gross and fine motor skill.

Group classes can be at a local school or at students’ homes.


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We offer Trial lesson option so a student can meet their teacher, get excited about learning new skills, and begin their journey through Music.

You can sign up for a trial or Contact us