Empowering Students Through the Joy of Music and the Arts


Debopriya Halder is an accomplished technology professional with a global footprint, having made significant contributions in different regions of Asia and Europe during her tenure at IBM.  Hailing from India, Debopriya holds both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Computer Applications. Drawing upon her expertise, she embarked on an eight year career at IBM, where she served global clients across the SAP Technology stack.

Beyond her professional achievements, Debopriya has nurtured a lifelong passion for art and music. From a young age, she found inspiration in these creative outlets, using them as a means of self-expression and personal growth. Her appreciation for the arts continues to influence her perspective and fuels her innovative approach to problem-solving.

In addition to her professional and artistic pursuits, Debopriya is a devoted mother to two young children and shares her life with her husband in New York City. Her 5 year old son plays the piano at the Anselmo Academy of Music and Arts.