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Drama Classes NYC

Along with offering a myriad of different music lessons, Anselmo Academy also offers acting and drama classes! We hope to unleash your inner creativity with our classes, and believe these classes will be a wonderful way to enhance your acting skills! We pride ourselves in offering wonderful acting classes and NYC drama classes. Through our curriculum and instructors, we are sure we are able to meet your needs, and we cannot wait to see you blossom in our classes. We believe these classes will help build confidence, enhance public speaking skills, and strengthen your acting!

Beginning to act in NYC is definitely difficult and can be intimidating. That is why we believe that signing up for our classes is the perfect first step to starting your career in acting! As many know, New York City is a wonderful place to begin acting. With it being a hub for Broadway and movie shoots, New York is definitely an inspiring place to begin acting, as we are excited to help you grow! To maintain accessible classes for everyone, we keep our classes at a low cost for everyone, starting with private lessons at $50. At this price, we hope to be able to support you and your needs as you navigate the world of acting!