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Theater CLASSES for Kids


We often find young kids getting intrigued by listening to stories and watching stage performances. Exposing young children to stage drama is one of the greatest ways to boost their inner creativity and confidence levels. It helps you shape your children’s career in the right way and open many doors for their acting journey. 

At Anselmo Academy, we understand that each child is unique and requires their own space to channel skills and inner creativity. With our theater classes for kids, we ensure to provide equal creative attention to all students and help them bring out the best versions of themselves during stage performances and beyond.

Help your child take a step forward toward being confident and creative by enrolling with us for our theater classes in NYC. If you want to learn more about our NYC acting classes or interact with us, please fill out Contact Us form, and our local Administrator will be in touch shortly.

NYC Acting Classes Offered at Anselmo Academy

Here at Anselmo Academy, in addition to music classes, we also offer acting and theatre classes. Acting classes really do help students, both in and out of the classroom. Acting classes are a great way to channel creativity and boost confidence within oneself. They are a great way to expand one’s acting skills, and have fun! Things learned in acting class go way beyond just the classroom. Many life skills can be taught through acting as well. One can expect to learn about communication, public speaking, and flexibility through acting classes, and our group classes can also teach one about teamwork as well! These skills learned will be translated very well in classrooms, and even the workplace later on! Our acting classes are led by very experienced and knowledgeable instructors, who are sure to help meet your needs! Our instructors are patient and understanding, and regardless of your skill level, and are here to spark your creativity. We believe and no matter what stage or skill set you are in, you will improve and flourish in our classes! Our NYC acting classes are fun, exciting, and very helpful. Whether you are someone with experience in acting, or this is something new you wish to try, our NYC acting classes are perfect for you. We hope you wish to channel your creativity through our NYC acting classes.


We strive to make our classes meet your needs, and therefore our acting classes are reasonably priced to as low as fifty dollars for private lessons. We also recommend a trial lesson prior in order to ensure we best fit your needs. We also run group classes at local schools, where the cost for these classes is approximated at around $30. To learn more such as pricing, please contact our office directly!


How do I start acting in NYC?

The first step to your successful acting journey is to search for good and reliable theater classes for kids in NYC. Finding the right theater classes in NYC can be quite easy when  you are aware of the measures required while searching for the same. The greater the experience, the better will be the services. Therefore, opt for theater classes for kids with years of experience in this industry. 

To learn more about our NYC acting classes, you can contact us at (212) 665-9051

Why is acting class good for kids?

Acting, dancing, and learning songs always help young children amplify their creativity levels and improve their soft skills. At theater classes for kids, your child gets an opportunity to interact with different kids of the same age and work on their communication skills. Communicating at an early age can help your child to be more specific while expressing their emotions. The ability to express correct emotions at the right time is one of the most vital skills that can help your child become a successful actor in the future. 

Moreover, drama learning can boost your child’s quick learning abilities and allow them to perform the most challenging and complex roles efficiently and effectively. At Anselmo Academy, we train all our students in the right learning environment and motivate them to perform better every day. Our theater classes for kids can help your child overcome stage fear and perform confidently in front of large audiences.

What does theater class teach you?

From versatile acting to music learning, your child gets to learn everything at theater classes in NYC. With a wide range of options to choose from, your child gets an opportunity to work on every skill and explore new activities. Learning acting at an early age can help your child to seamlessly switch into different characters and justify their roles with brilliant performances. In this way, by the time your child reaches adulthood, he/she will be an experienced actor/stage performer. This way, your child will be able to clear their audition in go and grab excellent opportunities in no time.

“My daughter took an acting class with Ms Ruthie* and loved it! The class was creative, engaging, and fun. I’d highly recommend it to every parent since it gets kids (even introverts) to share, express themselves, meet new people, and have a great time.”

“My daughter was excited to see musical theatre offered for Beyond the Bell. She loved the warm up and improv games that led into song work.  It was a great introduction to the sense community created by theatre. She can’t wait to join again in the spring!” 

– Parents


Acting lesson or Musical theater lesson is a lot more than just Fun! Gain confidence, learn public speaking skills, learn how to enter into another character, engage with audience, ability to memorize lines, and/or learn your favorite Disney Songs!
Private lessons are scheduled at a student’s home

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One major thing that youth acting classes can provide is diversity. The kids are going to be from all around New York and the surrounding boroughs and are going to have all types of backgrounds. This will help children be more compassionate and accepting of others, and give them the opportunity to form deep and lasting bonds with the people in those classes. The kids all have a love of acting in common, which can form a foundation for a friendship that extends beyond the classes.
Group classes are scheduled at local schools or at students’ home.

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Is an opportunity for a private student to meet their acting or musical theater coach, understand the proposed curriculum and future lesson plans, and begin their journey!

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