The violin is probably one of the most popular instruments in this world and the most widely distributed too. This stringed instrument evolved during the Renaissance and gained popularity easily. The violin has always been recognized for its singing tone, especially in Italy, the birthplace of the instrument. The violins earliest makers – Gasparo da Salò, Andrea Amati, and Giovanni Paolo Maggini hadd established it’sits structure by the 16th century. The modern violin followed the innovations of Antonio Stradivari, the Italian violin maker who perfected the art of violin making to its highest level of perfection in terms of pitch. 

Violin for beginners can be scary. But, at Anselmo Academy Of Music & The Arts , the highly trained and passionate teachers/musicians vow to inspire, build confidence, and shape the intellect of kids and adults by providing various opportunities. Our lessons are customized to make sure that they suit the needs of every individual as we, at Anselmo, believe that everyone is on their own journey and that music is a fundamental way of connecting with others. 

If you’re just starting out with your first violin lesson, you might have difficulties in terms of how to read violin sheet music, what are the easy violin songs you can attempt, etc. In this article we will explore a few things that can help you survive your first violin lesson, or at least prepare you for it. 

Getting To Know The Instrument: 

It is important for you to get to know any instrument before you start trying your hand on it. This helps you follow the the instructions better. A musician always has their own personal relationship with their instrument. Hence it is crucial to be able to distinguish between the different parts of your instrument. If you’re following a tutorial or learning from a teacher, you might not know what to do because of not being able to recognise these parts. 

  • Body: The largest part of the violin is its body that is shaped like an hourglass. Its main function is to amplify the sound using the strings. The body consists of three parts- the back, the belly, and the ribs. 
  • Neck & Fingerboard: The long piece of wood that sticks out from the body is called the neck. The fingerboard is the part that’s glued on top of the neck. The use of this smooth and flat piece of wood is for the musician to press down on the strings and make notes. 
  • Pegbox: The pegbox is where the pegs are inserted and the strings are attached, the pegbox is situated above the neck. A musician can tighten and tune the strings through the pegbox. 
  • Scroll: The scroll is the top wooden structure of a violin. It is there for the violin maker to sport their craftsmanship. 
  • Bridge: The strings lay on top of a hard piece of wood which is known as the bridge. 
  • Tailpiece: The strings connect to the tailpiece, passing through the bridge. 
  • Chin Rest: Very self explanatory, this is the part where the musician’s chin rests. 
  • Strings: The violin comprises 4 strings,, all tuned to a 5th part. The notes represented are G, D, A, and E. 

How To Play Violin For Beginners? 

Deciding to learn the violin can be very exciting but also nerve wracking. In your head you might see yourself killing one of Beethoven’s Sonata or Concerto in A minor. But that definitely requires consistency in terms of practice. At Anselmo, our musicians cum teachers are inspired by the flash of passion that we see in our students, which in turn makes us better musicians and deep lovers of this art. 

The best path to choose when you start playing the violin is to opt for easy violin songs that will help you get acquainted with the instrument easily. These beginner violin songs will make sure that confidence starts inculcating in you and your relationship with the instrument starts getting better. 

Violin for beginners can get a little stressful since this instrument requires perfect posture and form.


Easy Violin Songs for Beginners

Here is a list of easy violin songs for beginners. You must keep in mind that these songs can also take some time to get a hang of. Do not get discouraged and believe in your love for music. 

  • Ode To Joy: 

If you’re one of those Beethoven fanatics and that is what inspired you, Ode To Joy is the perfect song for you to start with. Classical music feels phenomenal when it falls on our ears, but it is the most difficult to master. If you aspire to be a classical musician, trying your hand at this song will bring you joy! This song will help you understand the art of classical music and help you practice certain techniques such as fingering and bowing. Once you’ve practiced enough and started getting the hang of this song, you can show off your style by adding in some eighth notes or an easy arpeggio which will make it sound more difficult than it actually is. 

  • William Tell Overture: 

One of the most ideal songs for your first violin lesson, this song, also known as the ‘Lone Ranger Theme’ by Rossini is perfect for you to practice. The song is very catchy and has an upbeat rhythm that makes it loved by everyone and will definitely be the audience’ favorite! 

  • Amazing Grace: 

If you wish to play something in a Church or a Church-like setting, Amazing Grace is a great violin song for beginners in that matter. Yes, it is not that easy and you will require practice, but the joy of finally playing it is overwhelming. You can also make your performance stand out if you find someone to sing along with you. 

  • When The Saints Go Marching In: 

This song is another people’s favorite, you’re going to have them tapping or marching along with it. What makes this song so welcoming for learners is that it can be played slow or fast, you can deal with it at your own pace. When you start to learn the song, you can play it slow and gradually play it faster once you’ve gotten used to it. 

  • La Bamba: 

Everyone loves La Bamba, everyone loves grooving to Chris Morris. This Mexican folk number makes for an easy song on the violin for beginners. This upbeat, people’s favorite banger features a few dramatic tenutos and tuplet groupings that once played, will not just boost your confidence, but also help master a few violin playing skills such as fingering and bowing. 

  • Star Wars Theme Song:

A galaxy far, far away, comes close to you through John Williams’ Star Wars theme song. It’s the perfect song to perform on the violin as a beginner, especially if you’re a Star Wars fan. It will motivate you in various ways. If you have a bunch of friends that really dig Sci-Fi, this song is it to keep you motivated. This counts as an easy violin song because of its repetitive tone. 

Always remember that as a beginner, choosing easy violin songs will help you practice more comfortably. Keep in mind that more simple the key, the repeats of sweet melodies, and simple progression changes will help your fingers to learn the movements required in the early stages. The building of your repertoire will commence with learning these easy songs and practicing them. Once you have comfortably enjoyed performing these songs and done justice to them, start picking songs that raise the bar for your beginner standards and take it from there!


How To Read Violin Sheet Music? 

Your standard sheet music shows you each and everything that you need to know. This is what it comprises of: 

  • Rhythm – notes, dots, accents, etc. 
  • Pitch 
  • Time Signature 
  • Key Signature – flats, sharps, and natural tones. 
  • Dynamics 
  • Tempo
  • Style Markings 
  • A Clef 
  • Navigation Markings – Repeats, 1st and 2nd endings, etc. 

A violin sheet may also consist of numbers to signify positions on the neck, particular markings for vibrato and pizzicato, bow direction markings, and techniques specific to the violin. 

As you advance with your training, you will get better acquainted with your music sheet. Your first violin lesson will help you identify all symbols, their meaning, any other important marking on the sheet and what value they hold. When you decide to learn violin, keep in mind that the violin is one of the most difficult instruments to play, but practice makes progress! 

Are Electric Violins Good For Beginners? 

Even though the influence of an electric violin is going to be positive for any violinist’s journey, it is not recommended to beginners. If you’re keen on learning modern music, you opt for an electric guitar. Keep in mind that the electric violin and the acoustic violin vary in terms of the response time of the instrument. Choose an acoustic violin if you wish to pursue the instrument as a profession. 

How To Prepare For Your First Violin Lesson? 

Your first violin lesson can be nerve-wracking. At Anselmo Academy, we make sure that you’re comfortable on your own journey. To help with this, we schedule lessons for our students according to their requirements. We, as teachers and musicians, are supportive and excited to have you on board. You must have a violin of the right size to begin with and a notebook. Jot down all the important things regarding music sheets in your notebook. The right-sized violin will make it easier for you to play and avoid any posture problems. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you as fellow musicians!