Empowering Students Through the Joy of Music, Arts and Education


Piano, Voice, Ukulele, Music Therapy for ASD community

Elizabeth Townley is a music teacher, music therapist, and classically trained vocalist based out of Brooklyn, NY. She holds a Bachelors of Music from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and has 7+ years of music teaching, and 3+ years of music therapy experience. Elizabeth has worked with children from the ages of Pre-K-8th Grade, as well as instructing 21+ music groups in the ASD community.

During her time as a Pre-K-8 music educator in public schools, Elizabeth taught within several different locations in The Bronx, NY, leading general music classes and choir programs. Through this program, she facilitated general music basics : singing, keeping the steady beat, music and movement, performance, etc, and developed a strong pedagogical method in teaching piano, ukulele, and vocal therapy- not only in group settings, but also one to one.

For the last three years, Elizabeth has been working as a freelance music teacher and music therapist; providing one to one lessons with children, as well as, group classes for children and adults on the autism spectrum. In her music therapy sessions, she focuses on playing instruments, group participation, following directions, individualized musical growth, sound and note recognition, enhancing motor skills, and increasing interpersonal skills.

Elizabeth also enjoys incorporating her knowledge of classical voice training, songwriting, and musical theater into her lessons. She finds it an asset to reach students through their own creative process in music.