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English Tutor New York

Along with our music and acting classes, Anselmo Academy also offers academic tutoring services! Our New York English tutor services are a wonderful way for your child to enhance their English skills and feel more confident in the classroom. Whether your child is struggling in school or looking to learn ahead of their school curriculum, we offer an option to allow your child to thrive in school. We hope by offering our services, your child may begin to enjoy learning, and they become excited about school!

We have your child’s future in our best interest, and by signing up with our tutoring services, we hope you feel reassured about their academic future! Tutoring is very important, and we hope to give you an accessible, viable option so your child can be the best student they can be.


How much does an English tutor charge?

A New York English tutor can cost anywhere upwards of $100, while some NYC English tutors even charge as much as $200 for their services. Because of this, we hope to be not only inexpensive, but a reliable source for you to improve your child’s math skills!

What level of English do I need to sign up for a course?

Our services start at $50 for private lessons! We recommend beginning with a trial lesson where we can get a better gauge of where your child is at and what level they should sign up for. We believe by offering these reasonable prices, everyone could benefit from our services!