Empowering Students Through the Joy of Music and the Arts


Clarinet, Saxophone 

My name is Jimmy Abrahamson. I come from Seattle, Washington. I love music because of Ray Charles, MC Hammer, and eventually, Dvorak’s Symphonies which I first heard as my dad’s ringtone. The triumphant beginning of the fourth movement is both the inspiration for “Jaws” and my favorite musical moment of all time.

 I live in New York City. I’ve world-premiered a few pieces for Scott Wheeler, Annil Zhang, Lawrence Song, and Katy Li. When I worked in Florida the Palm Beach Arts Paper called me “Brilliant”.

 My favorite comment to date was an unknown woman who took a moment to call out to me from the back of a concert hall while I practiced saying “You don’t know how good that sounds”.

 I love teaching because I believe children’s minds are far more powerful than those of adults, just needing some direction to focus their power. I’ve taught at a high school in Boca Raton, Florida and I teach with the Harmony Program in New York. Teaching is something I will always do because I believe in my ability to help others and encourage them and teach them to be fearless and change the world in the way they see fit, despite others.

I believe in the power of emotion more than anything else. When suppressed it is the most dangerous weapon. When allowed, it is the source of all beauty.

I am who I always have been, and that is the child from long ago, just with more layers of cover and more experiences. I like some things and I dislike others, but I think that glowing core inside us all is really the most meaningful, like the white-hot core of a star. 

BM Eastman School. MM Lynn Conservatory. Artist Diploma Mannes School. Grateful former student of Jon Manasse