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Piano, Violin, Recorder

Jisu Jung’s musical prodigy was recognized at an early age. Jisu graduated from the Seoul Arts High School, the number one-ranked music high school in South Korea. She is a past winner of the Bridges International Composition Competition, ASCAP Foundation Herb Alpert Award Young Jazz composer’s Award, Osaka International Piano Competition, the Korean Music Association Piano Competition, the Seoul Symphony Orchestra Competition, the Berklee College of Music Writing and Composition Award, and the Berklee Composer/Pianist Award, among other honors and prizes. She studied classical music in Germany by invitation of renowned music professor Zenziper, chair of the Music College of Dresden. While in Germany, she was introduced to Jazz music, and quickly developed a passion for creative music. Jisu is currently a Master’s student at Manhattan School of Music. A highlight of her musical formation was playing with Grammy Award winner Nicholas Payton. Jisu is actively working to launch a new subgenre of Korean Jazz fusion, integrating traditional Korean instruments and tonal voicing with classic American Jazz instrumentations. Her aspiration is to become a professional musician whose music communicates with people at a profound psychological level, comforting and helping to heal the emotional wounds and trauma of others.

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