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Julia is a piano pedagogue and performer based in NYC. She previously served as Instructor in Piano Studies at New York University, teaching undergraduate private lessons in addition to group piano courses. Additionally, Julia is passionate about pedagogical research in the field of adult beginners, and has been selected to present at multiple conferences, including the Florida State Music Teachers Association State Conference. 

When teaching, Julia’s largest and most immediate goal is to create a healthy growing space. To do this, she prioritizes maintaining a positive and energetic environment during lessons, and she creates an individualized curriculum for each student. Whether a student is learning classical music or improvising over chord charts, Julia stresses the importance of technique, attention to detail, and practice methods. In this way, her students can be independent in the time between lessons, and they gain the capability of learning pieces on their own without risk of injury. 

Julia holds a Master of Music in Piano Performance from New York University and a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from Florida State University.