Empowering Students Through the Joy of Music and the Arts


Piano, Guitar, Ukulele

Lenny Weissman is a pianist, vocalist and songwriter as well as a Native New Yorker. In 2014, he moved to Boston and enrolled in Berklee College of Music, where he extensively studied piano techniques for genres ranging from classical and jazz to reggae, rock and funk. He played several gigs as a pianist and organist in Berklee’s Bob Marley Ensemble as well as several other groups outside of the program. He also formed his own band and wrote and recorded several tracks available on his website. (lennyweissman.com)  In 2018, he Graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Contemporary Writing and Production and moved back to New York. Once back home, he began teaching private piano lessons and playing gigs throughout downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn. From 2019 to 2021 he was employed by the Coalition for Hispanic Family Services to work in their after school program Arts & Literacy. As a teaching artist, he taught both in-person and virtual classes in music production and music theory. Lenny is currently a Masters candidate in the Teacher Education Program at Hunter College.