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Musical theater and drama program 

Musical Theater and Drama Classes

Discover your inner star with our Musical Theater and Drama Program! Join our dynamic group classes and private lessons to explore the captivating world of acting, singing, and dancing. Unleash your creativity, boost your confidence, and shine on stage as you learn from experienced instructors and collaborate with fellow performers. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned artist, our program is your stage for growth and expression.

Group Classes: Step into the spotlight in our Group Musical Theater and Drama Classes! Uncover the magic of storytelling through acting, vocal training, and choreography. Learn to work harmoniously with a team, build stage presence, and ignite your passion for the performing arts. This collaborative journey is perfect for anyone seeking an interactive and inspiring theatrical experience.

Private Lessons: Elevate your performance with Private Musical Theater and Drama Lessons tailored just for you. Our expert instructors provide personalized guidance in acting techniques, vocal refinement, and expressive movement. Whether you’re preparing for auditions or aiming to polish your skills, our one-on-one lessons offer the focused attention needed to reach your full potential on and off the stage.


For more information, reach out to your area manager:

Ms. Helen, Manhattan Central: Helen@anselmoacademy.org

Mr. Josh, Upper Manhattan and Bronx (above 96th Street): Josh@anselmoacademy.org

Mr. Erick, Brooklyn: Erick@anselmoacademy.org 

Mr. Daniel, Queens and Long Island: Daniel@anselmoacademy.org

Ms. Alecia, New Jersey, Rockland, and Westchester: Alecia@anselmoacademy.org


“For over twenty years, Anselmo Academy has provided quality and affordable music lessons to many of our families who otherwise would not be able to access piano and guitar lessons. Their instructors are dedicated, kind, and great with the kids.  We look forward to our continued partnership with Anselmo Academy.” – A few words from one of our school partners, who we’ve worked with for over 20 years!


Who can enroll?

Both private and group lessons are open to individuals of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to advanced musicians.

How long is each lesson?

Private lessons are typically 45 or 60 minutes, but lesson lengths can be customized based on your goals and availability. Group classes are one hour.

How am I matched with an instructor?

Our instructors are highly qualified and passionate educators – we will always do our best to match you with someone whose expertise aligns with your musical interests.

How do I schedule lessons?

Scheduling can be coordinated directly with your area manager and your instructor. Lessons can take place at any time that is convenient for you, to accommodate your availability.

What are the payment options for lessons?

We offer various payment plans, with the option to pay in monthly installments. Your area manager can provide detailed information about payment methods

Are there performance opportunities?

Yes! we organize two annual recitals, showcases, and other performance events for both private and group students. These opportunities help you gain confidence and showcase your talents.

Ready to Register?

If you’re a new student interested in private lessons, use the link below to register for a trial lesson in the discipline of your choice. If you’re interested in group classes, or have any further questions, please reach out to your area manager.