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Mr. Tinch is an Author, Real Estate Investor, Christian Business Executive, and Father to 2 Daughters. As a Thought Leader he is result-oriented and focused on improving operations and impacting business growth while maximizing profitability in Real Estate and related ventures. 

Mr. Tinch has taken his two and half decades of experience in real estate, employee relations, professional development training, and financial operations to address market challenges with innovative and viable solutions. Mr. Tinch describes his life as one of three primary passions. “My passions are first is seeing individuals succeed, the second is business education, and the third is buying and owning real estate.  

As a trained and licensed CPE hospital, Chaplain. I love and enjoy seeing others win in life and be successful. One of my life’s missions is to help and support others to live a life of success in their personal life and business career by building communities and generational wealth. He enjys creating, designing, and building patents. Mr. Tinch is also a United States Patent Inventor. His goal is to add value to our real estate acquisition transactions, our shareholders, our investors, and Tinch partnerships. 


Nick Tinch

Managing Partner

Tinch Real Estate Group