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Noam Rapoport is a pianist and composer born in the city of Tel-Aviv, Israel, and based in Brooklyn, NY, Received his BFA in Jazz Performance from The New School. With more than 15 years of piano training and a versatile background in many musical styles as both a composer and a performer, Noam’s music ranges from classical large orchestral scores to modern jazz arrangements. His music is focused on putting emotions at the forefront with a unique sense of storytelling.

Noam has performed with his jazz trio (the Noam Rapoport Trio) as well as a solo performer and as a sideman in various genres and styles, including classical music, jazz, R&B, pop, funk, and more. Performed in places like the Bronx Music Heritage Center and the Greenwich Village Walker Hotel.

With 5 years of teaching experience, Noam implements a teaching style that is focused on the student’s technique and musical expression with engaging and active lessons designed to help the student to reach her/his full potential.