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ONLINE academy

Welcome to Online Academy!

We are happy to extend our Curriculum to our Online Students from Around the World! Private lessons or Group Classes are offered in the following categories:

Music   Theater/Musical Theater   Tutoring

Our valued faculty of teachers will help inspire and motivate each student. A good teacher can make a world of difference in a student’s life, impacting everything from their classroom learning to their long-term success.

For Faculty Bios, please visit NY Metro area section.


New York/ New Jersey, National & International students are welcome!


All Group classes are $199

*EARLY BIRD SPECIAL* Sign up for any 2 of our six-week courses, and try ONE SINGLE CLASS of your choice for FREE!

Offer ends on September 25

Saturday 9am – TUTORING (Megan)
Saturday 10am – WOODWINDS (Chris, Elia)
Saturday 11am – GUITAR (Cindy)
Saturday 12pm – VOICE or MUSICAL THEATER (Cindy)
Saturday 1pm –  DRUMS (Felipe)
Sunday 10am – PIANO (Mirta, Chialing)
Sunday 11am – MUSIC THEORY (Mirta)
Sunday 12pm – SONGWRITING (Lenny)
1st session: 
Oct 2, 3
Oct 9, 10
Oct 16, 17
Oct 23, 24
Oct 30, 31
Nov 13, 14

MEET our staff 
of administrators to assist you with  Semester Enrollment & Registration process.

Ms. Alex

US: Central Time Zone
International: Europe


Mr. Erick

US: Pacific Time Zone
International: North/South America


Mr. Daniel

US: Mountain Time Zone
International: Africa


Ms. Alecia

US: Eastern Time Zone
International: Asia/Oceania



Instruction is offered in:

  • Piano,

  • Guitar

  • Violin

  • Voice

  • or you can choose your instrument as our teachers are Multi-Instrumentalists.

We also offer Private and/ or Group classes in Music Theory, Improvisation, Disney Class, & Composition/Song Writing.

Online lessons are best suited for children ages 10 and up, and Adults of any age!

Our instructors can help you learn your ABCs or prepare you for State Tests and Auditions.

We welcome students of any level: Beginner to Advanced.

Register for  a TRIAL private lesson  or CONTACT Your area manager for more information

Theater & Musical Theater

What Do You Learn in Drama Class?

  • Improve your voice and control your body.

  • Move around on stage and take direction from a director.

  • Perform in front of a camera.

  • Read and analyze a play or a script.

  • Create characters, understand them, and perform them realistically

Musical Theatre  blends music, theatre, and movement and as such it is important to learn the proper techniques of each. This includes how to breathe and sing properly; a basic dance and movement vocabulary, and finally proper acting instructions. Once you have some of the pieces of this puzzle, then you also need the guidance and opportunity to see and understand how they work together – and to practice them together.

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A tutor works with students and enables them to perform at a higher level academically.  A tutor will meet with students privately or in a group setting to oversee the completion of school assignments. Additionally, a tutor can work with students to improve test-taking skills, note taking process and further elaborate on concepts learned in the classroom. They aim to assist students and promote a deeper understanding of course materials.

  • Math

  • Science

  • Reading/ Writing

  • English

  • Other Languages



Register for  a TRIAL private lesson  or CONTACT Your area manager for more information