Empowering Students Through the Joy of Music and the Arts


Guitar, Piano


Rebecca started taking piano lessons when she was eight in her hometown of San Francisco, CA, and immediately fell in love. She was trained in classical works and developed a love for music theory from a teacher who served as a primary mentor through her childhood. She continued lessons through early high school, and has continued to play piano independently ever since, dabbling into contemporary and pop music. She picked up the guitar in 2020, often playing alongside the banjo and saxophone with roommates and friends. 

Rebecca has a passion for working with kids in all forms; she is a part-time student going into pediatric nursing, and has years of assistant teaching, coaching, and tutoring experience with students from elementary school through college in a range of subjects. She believes strongly in the capability and desire that kids have to learn, and thinks that the process can, and frankly should, be fun!