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Saxophone Lessons NYC

Anselmo Academy offers music lessons in a wide range of instruments! While we may be better known for our piano lessons, we have expanded to cover more instruments to meet all your music needs! One of the instruments we have expanded into teaching is the saxophone! We believe our saxophone lessons can be a perfect way to support your learning of this beautiful instrument, and we hope to help you thrive, regardless of experience and skill level! Learning an instrument on your own can be tricky, so we recommend working with our professional instructors to see effective, and satisfying results! We will help work on breathwork, learn scales, and even work up to playing melodies! This may seem overwhelming or difficult as learning a new instrument typically is, however do not be alarmed. While mastering this instrument will take time, we can ensure quick progress with our saxophone lessons. It is never too late to pick up a new instrument, and we hope that our saxophone lessons will make the progress as seamless as possible for you!

We want everyone to be able to access our classes and thrive musically, and for this reason, we price our classes very reasonably! While music lessons can easily cost anywhere upwards of $100, to maintain accessible classes for everyone, we keep our classes at a low cost, starting with private NYC music classes at $50. At this price, we hope to be able to support your musical needs and help you succeed!