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You don’t need reasons to sing your heart out and show your artistic side to the world. Singing can be learned by anyone at any age, especially for adults there are no rules or right age to learn professional singing to fulfill their long-forgotten dreams. At Anselmo Academy, we understand how challenging it can be to manage your professional life and take out some time for your passion. With our customized and flexible singing lessons for adults, you can easily learn singing, enhance your skills, and build confidence to sing in front of huge audiences. 

We consist of a team of dedicated teachers who are highly passionate and committed to helping you bring out the best version of yourself on the stage. To learn more about our services or to contact our representative call us today at (212) 665-9051

A Smarter Way to Learn Singing

At Anselmo Academy, we use advanced methods and musical instruments to help you get a better grasp of different singing styles. Our qualified teachers will guide you throughout your singing journey and assist you with discovering your style of singing most effectively. So skip the amateur singing lessons in NYC, and learn from the best at Anselmo Academy.

Advanced Singing Lessons

From one-to-one singing lessons for adults to online singing lessons in NYC, we offer an extensive range of services. Whether you are at the beginner or intermediate level, we ensure to teach you the right techniques and methods of different styles of singing to structure your voice accordingly. All our singing lessons in New York are available at affordable and reasonable prices.


From a Beginner to Professional Singer

It is vital to discover your voice and style of singing at the beginning of your journey. With our advanced singing lessons for adults, you can unlock the secrets of professional singers and master all techniques. Book an appointment today for our singing lessons in NYC by contacting us at (212) 665-9051


How much do singing lessons cost for adults?

Depending on the types of singing lessons in New York you opt for, such as online, offline, private, or group lessons, your cost for singing lessons for adults might differ from others. Get in touch with us today to determine the cost of different singing lessons and discover the best option for you.

How can an adult get better at singing?

With regular practice and consistency, you can improve your vocals and become a professional singer in a few years. Join our singing lessons for adults today to unlock the secrets behind famous award-winning singers.

What should I drink to have a good voice?

You can improve your vocals with regular Voice lessons practice and breathing exercises. For drinks, warm water with a few drops of lemon juice can be sufficient to keep your throat hydrated for longer periods.

Are online singing lessons worth it?

Yes. Online singing lessons can be as effective as offline singing lessons in New York. We ensure to pay utmost attention and care to your all concerns so that you can virtually get the most out of your singing lessons.

How often should you practice singing?

For better results, you should practice singing daily at least for half an hour a day. However, it is recommended not to overdo your singing practice as you can strain your throat and face other related problems.

“My daughter took an acting class with Ms Ruthie* and loved it! The class was creative, engaging, and fun. I’d highly recommend it to every parent since it gets kids (even introverts) to share, express themselves, meet new people, and have a great time.”

“My daughter was excited to see musical theatre offered for Beyond the Bell. She loved the warm up and improv games that led into song work.  It was a great introduction to the sense community created by theatre. She can’t wait to join again in the spring!” 

– Parents


Acting lesson or Musical theater lesson is a lot more than just Fun! Gain confidence, learn public speaking skills, learn how to enter into another character, engage with audience, ability to memorize lines, and/or learn your favorite Disney Songs!
Private lessons are scheduled at a student’s home

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One major thing that youth acting classes can provide is diversity. The kids are going to be from all around New York and the surrounding boroughs and are going to have all types of backgrounds. This will help children be more compassionate and accepting of others, and give them the opportunity to form deep and lasting bonds with the people in those classes. The kids all have a love of acting in common, which can form a foundation for a friendship that extends beyond the classes.
Group classes are scheduled at local schools or at students’ home.

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Is an opportunity for a private student to meet their acting or musical theater coach, understand the proposed curriculum and future lesson plans, and begin their journey!

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