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Stella Hwang is a classically trained Jazz and contemporary pianist, composer and arranger. She started to play the piano at the age of five and graduated from Music College in S. Korea majoring in Jazz performance and theory. She had many successful live performances working as a professional musician. While performing, she was accepted as the international scholar at Berklee College of Music. Just before leaving her country, a song she had written was honored as the number one popular song in gospel music in S. Korea.

After she arrived in Boston, her musical insight and skills were shaped and developed as she studied with Laszlo Gardony, Helen Sung, and Joanne Bracken. Ms. Hwang majored in professional music performance and music writing during her time at Berklee. During her time in Boston she performed and worked at NGO concerts, churches, colleges, and schools as a music teacher and performer. She spent a lot of her time and her attention giving back and helping children in poverty.

MS. Hwang is now a New York based musician. She is working at a church in Queens, teaching, and performing. She is working on her debut album and recital, and joined the faculty of the piano School in 2017.