Empowering Students Through the Joy of Music and the Arts


We are so grateful to our students and families for our 100% 5-star rating on Google!

“The recital was fantastic! Our daughter was so excited and proud of herself for performing, getting the certificate and the medal which she wore to school today. This first semester has been such a positive experience. We look forward to more lessons. Thank you!”

2nd Grade Anselmo Parent

My child has such a great connection with the piano teacher! He stood out from her previous instructors – very cool, calm, and collected – and gifted, too. He is very encouraging and motivates her.

Anselmo Parent

“Emily is loving theater classes and can’t wait to perform at graduation!” 

Preschool Musical Theater Parent

“My daughter took an acting class with Ms. Ruthy and loved it! The class was creative, engaging, and fun. It has gotten my child to share, express herself, meet new people, and have a great time.”

Musical Theater Anselmo Parent

“Thank you for the work your academy has done with the children during this school year. He’s made what I think is solid progress in his piano playing over these months and has been faithfully practicing at home.”

Anselmo Parent

“The group violin classes are wonderful! The kids are really enjoying them, and Bo is great!

Group Violin Class Administrator

“Thank you for such an amazing recital, we quite enjoyed it!”

5th Grade Anselmo Parent