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theater & acting

Drama classes offer students with fundamental stage learning in performance, sound, and improvisation techniques. Children of all ages will transform themselves on stage and sharpen their acting with fun theater games, costume play and storytelling. Students will express their own original ideas and collaborate with others in a fun and creative way


Acting lesson or Musical theater lesson is a lot more than just Fun! Gain confidence, learn public speaking skills, learn how to enter into another character, engage with audience, ability to memorize lines, and/or learn your favorite Disney Songs!
Private lessons are scheduled at a student’s home

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One major thing that youth acting classes can provide is diversity. The kids are going to be from all around New York and the surrounding boroughs and are going to have all types of backgrounds. This will help children be more compassionate and accepting of others, and give them the opportunity to form deep and lasting bonds with the people in those classes. The kids all have a love of acting in common, which can form a foundation for a friendship that extends beyond the classes.
Group classes are scheduled at local schools or at students’ home.

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Is an opportunity for a private student to meet their acting or musical theater coach, understand the proposed curriculum and future lesson plans, and begin their journey!

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