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Voice Lessons NYC For Kids

Located in the heart of the city, Anselmo Academy is passionate about giving our students the confidence they need in order to achieve their fullest potential. In light of the recent pandemic, we genuinely believe that nothing should stand between your child’s desire to learn an instrument. This is why we offer both in-person and online voice lessons for kids. Learning lessons from the comfort of your home does not compromise the quality or the success of your child in learning these new skills – this new way of learning is extremely effective and convenient for the parents who need it! 

Due to varying learning rates of children, our highly-praised teachers at Anselmo Academy recommend taking lessons at the student’s own pace. It is not unheard of for some students to take more time than others to learn the foundations of training their vocals. This is what differentiates Anselmo Academy from other institutions. We hope to make music education accessible to all students which is why we are proud to offer vocal lessons that are customizable to meet everyone’s needs. In addition to having customizable classes to meet everyone’s needs, we offer affordable classes starting at $50 for private lessons! We also recommend students begin with a trial lesson, for the professionals to see what lesson plan would be best suitable for your child.

You will not regret choosing Anselmo Academy for your child’s musical education. We are committed to equipping students with the tools they need to pursue a secure future in music. In addition, our teachers are passionate and highly trained musicians who inspire and shape the intellect of children while providing scholarships, concerts, and other amazing opportunities for our students. 

Our vocal faculty consists of highly-trained professionals who have performed across the nation during their musical careers. To name a few voice teachers, Anselmo Academy is proud to have industry experts like Karen Notare,  Ruthy Froch, Haley Murdoch, and plenty more.

To enroll in one of our courses, head over to the Private Lesson/ Group Classes tab under “Registrations” and fill out the registration form. Once you’ve filled out the student’s personal information, click the class that you’re interested in and the instrument you wish to learn. For voice lessons, under the “Choose Your Instrument” drop-down menu, click “Other” and type in “Voice Lessons”.

What to teach kids first for voice lessons?

Because everyone learns at their own pace, the professionals at Anselmo Academy recommend first-timers to register for a trial lesson.

What age is best to start voice lessons?

We recommend children start their New York singing lessons between 6-9 years old because it is easier to pick up on new vocal techniques at this age! Despite the vocal maturity throughout one’s life, we believe that anyone can have a beneficial experience from our New York singing lessons, regardless of age.

How much do voice lessons cost in NYC?

Here at Anselmo Academy, we pride ourselves in giving everyone the musical education necessary to achieve the student’s fullest potential. Therefore, we offer affordable classes starting at $50 for private lessons.