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Voice Lessons For Kids NYC

In addition to our in person NYC voice lessons for kids, Anselmo Academy also offers online voice lessons for kids! We hope these lessons can be a very effective and convenient option for many of you! Learning lessons from the comfort of your home does not have to compromise quality, or the success of your child in learning these new skills. We hope in light of the recent pandemic, this option helps fit around your schedule. We truly believe that nothing should stand between your desire to learn an instrument! Not only did we make voice lessons possible, but with our online voice lessons for kids, voice lessons can be a very successful and efficient way to improve your vocal skills!

We recommend children starting their New York singing lessons anywhere between 6-9 years old. At this age, it is easier to pick up on new vocal techniques! However, since voices change and mature throughout one’s life, we believe that anyone can have a beneficial experience from our New York singing lessons, regardless of age. Since everyone learns at a different pace, we recommend taking lessons at your pace! Some people may take more time than others to learn the foundations, however our classes are customized to everyone’s needs. We want our lessons to be accessible to all our students! In addition to having customizable classes to meet everyone’s needs, we offer affordable classes starting at $50 for private lessons! We also recommend a trial lesson, to begin with to best meet your needs.