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Online Music Lessons for Kids & Adults NYC

Online Music Lessons for Kids!

In addition to traditional in person music lessons for kids, here at Anselmo Academy, we are also able to offer online music lessons for kids. We understand the importance, especially in a pandemic, or offering an accessible option to learn music lessons, and we wanted to make it so that everyone could have the opportunity of taking a class with us, even if it is from their computer! While many of our students sign up for our in-home music lessons, our online music lessons provide you with the flexibility of taking lessons at your convenience, regardless of your schedule or location! We want our classes to be accessible to everyone and so, our online music lessons for kids are offered for children all over the world! We believe that anybody should have the opportunity to learn a new instrument, and our online music lessons are a great way of doing that!

While online music lessons may not be a well known concept there are many benefits to having music lessons from the comfort of one’s home. While there may be hesitancy around online music lessons, we believe they are a great, and productive way to develop your skills! Having online music lessons also does not compromise the quality of these lessons, as we work hard to make sure these classes are still of the same high quality that we are known for offering. Many students find online lessons as a successful way to learn, and find it very comparable to a traditional class setting in terms of an effective way to learn. Our online music lessons stand out as we have such wonderful teachers leading these classes. Our instructors are extremely talented and experienced, and whether these lessons are online or in person, we are sure they will be beneficial to you and your child! Our classes are offered to kids as young as three years old! While it is best to start young, around five years old, we believe it is never too early or late to start, and we hope to encourage your child’s creativity, and interest with music. We recommend that your child starts off with an instrument that interests and excites them, as this will fuel their desire to learn! Some simpler instruments to learn, however, include piano, drums, and violin. We especially recommend these instruments to younger children, as they may not have the patience to start off with a more complex instrument to learn. Regardless of what instrument you end up deciding for your child, we hope you will decide to join us here at Anselmo Academy!

“Thank you, Rose, Vera and Melodie!!!! MHA is so grateful to have had the piano club this year and the opportunity for our students to perform in a recital is so exciting!!”

– Murray Hill Academy High School Administration

“Savannah the piano teacher has been wonderful! I’ve never seen my kids so into piano. Especially my daughter. She is loving it! So thank you so much!!”

music lessons for kids

To learn more about our online music lessons for kids as well as pricing, please contact us directly! We strive to keep our classes as accessible as possible and therefore have very reasonably priced classes! Our private lessons begin at fifty dollars, and we recommend a trial lesson to begin with to best meet your needs. We hope to see you very soon!


Private Lessons

Are available to children and adults,- from beginner to advanced ! Our gifted faculty specialize in multiple genres: from Classical to Jazz to Rock & Pop. Many performing opportunities are available from Annual Youth Competition to Gifted & Talented Recitals to local Spring Recital in each geographic area.

Group Classes

First started in Harlem in 2001 out of the need to serve children with music education. Since then, we have served thousands of children in the NYC Metropolitan area. Classes are scheduled at local schools throughout the academic year with multiple opportunities for students to perform and showcase their skills. Group classes are available for students in areas of piano, guitar, violin, and voice. Classes are available for beginner to advanced students.

Trial Lessons

For new students, a trial lesson is available for 30 minutes at your home for either piano, guitar, violin, or voice lesson. Theater and tutoring trial lessons are also available.

Other Instruments

Please contact us for lessons for additional instruments currently not listed.
Our instructors are skilled in a large range of musical instruments.