Administration and Faculty

Our teachers are highly-trained professionals who empower, inspire, and help shape the intellect and love of music and the arts for children and adults by providing a number of opportunities. We customize our lessons to match each student’s interests and abilities.


Founder and Artistic Director

Manager, Brooklyn & Faculty, Piano, Guitar

Manager, Manhattan and Bronx & Faculty, Piano

Manager, New Jersey, Rockland, Westchester & Honorary Board Member & Faculty, Piano

Office Manager

Manager, Social Media

Manager, Queens and Long Island; Faculty, Guitar


Piano, Violin

Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute

Violin, Piano

Piano, Voice

Guitar, Voice

Violin, Piano 

Ukulele, Voice, Musical Theater

Piano, Violin

Piano, Voice

Piano, Drums


Piano, Voice

Piano, Voice

Piano, Drums, Guitar

Piano, Theater

Guitar, Piano

Piano, Flute, Voice

Piano, Guitar, Drums

Guitar, Piano

Guitar, Bass

Piano, Trumpet

Violin, Piano

Drama/Musical Theater

Piano, Violin

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