Administration and Faculty

Our teachers are highly-trained professionals who empower, inspire, and help shape the intellect and love of music and the arts for children and adults by providing a number of opportunities. We customize our lessons to match each student’s interests and abilities.


Founder and Artistic Director

Manager, Brooklyn & Faculty, Piano, Guitar

Manager, Manhattan and Bronx & Faculty, Piano

Manager, New Jersey, Rockland, Westchester & Honorary Board Member & Faculty, Piano

Office Manager

Manager, Social Media

Manager, Queens and Long Island; Faculty, Guitar


Piano, Violin

Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute

Piano, Voice

Piano, Drums, Guitar

Piano, Theater

Violin, Piano

Piano, Flute, Voice

Piano, Guitar, Drums

Guitar, Piano

Violin, Piano 

Violin, Piano

Drama/Musical Theater

Piano, Violin


Piano, Voice

Guitar, Piano

Musical Theater

Piano, Voice

Guitar, Voice

Piano, Trumpet

Ukulele, Voice, Musical Theater

Piano, Violin

Piano, Voice

Piano, Drums

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